Robot Theater

This is my project for animation 2. The assignment was to create a story for a robot. We then had to model and texture our robots and environments. Afterwards, we had to turn our stories into an animation that lasted between 30 and 60 seconds. My story follows CU57 (Custodial Unit 57) a janitor bot on a space station. He is cleaning a docking station when he discovers a computer console. Realizing that no one is around, he excitedly runs over to the controls and imagines that he is a skilled space pilot. This only lasts until he accidentally opens the airlock and gets sucked into space.


Orthographic for robot animation


Un-textured robot model


Early robot texture


Still shot from the final animation

This is a turntable of my robot to show finalized textures and topology.

This is my “Robot Meets World” video. This part of the project was meant to help me test my robot’s rig.

This is the animatic for my project. It is basically a story board slide show that is used to get a feel for the timing of different shots.

Here is the blocking for my animation. It is helpful for figuring out the timing of movement.

This is the rough cut of my animation.

The final version of my animation project.